Handmade by Strong Women

with Care, Precision, Love

Handmade since 2014. We started this company to promote and provide eco-friendly alternatives to detergents and synthetic fragrances which impact our health and waterways.

Planet before Profit

We Care About People + Planet

From the very beginning, we've been focused on the environment and treating people well. We take care in sourcing from great vendors and constantly improve our standards.

A Certified B Corporation

Doing Right

Voting with your dollar helps support livable wages, a positive work environment, and a company who values the planet and people over profit.

Nature Misses You™

It's a Way of Life

Our tagline "Nature Misses You" is our guiding principle. We want to reconnect people with the planet. In doing so, we can find peace, physical health, and mental wellbeing. 

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Why we do what we do


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Not on Amazon

You won't find us on the world's largest retailer - and that's by choice. We support small businesses, co-ops, shops & boutiques. Your customers deserve a unique experience.

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