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WINGB200978: Goldberry Premium Incense

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Named for the river goddess from Tolkien's lore, Goldberry is a muse to artists and adventurers far and wide.

This vibrant blend is an afternoon soak in a sunlit stream beneath the branches of a blossomed lemon tree. Light sparkles on the water, and sweet music drifts along like a summer's breeze.

Enjoy the river's wisdom and play in the sun!


  • A refreshing aroma profile of bright citrus, honey, & wet stone with zero synthetic fragrances
  • Approximately 20 incense sticks (30 grams) packaged inside compostable cellophane and a recyclable pillow box


  • Element: Water
  • Zodiac: Cancer, Leo, Pisces
  • Tarot: The Fool
  • Rune: Laguz/Water (emotions, dreams, ebb & flow of life)

One case contains 9 packs + 1 tester

Ingredients: essential oils (bergamot [Citrus bergamia], fir needle [Abies sibirica], frankincense [Boswellia sacra], lemongrass [Cymbopogon citratus], orange [Citrus sinensis], tea tree [Melaleuca alternifolia], charcoal, tree resin, bamboo stick, paint (mineral pigments, natural resins)

Made from plants, not plastics.

Unlike most incense blends, ours contain only pure essential oils. We never use synthetic petroleum based fragrances that fill your home with airborne phthalates and parabens. Those endocrine disruptors can damage our body's natural hormone levels, causing all sorts of short and long term issues. Yuck!

We believe in keeping our waterways clean, as well as the air we breathe. Crafted without any chemical preservatives or synthetic fragrances, our incense sticks are made with bamboo-derived activated charcoal that purifies the air as you burn incense. The paint we use for the sticks is clay-based and 100% plant-derived.

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