Welcome aboard, fellow Sea Witch! Here you'll find a collection of assets to help you get to know and understand our products. We like to think of our stockists as our extended family, and your success is our success! 

Ways To Shop

To view all of our current available wholesale products, shop online

You can also purchase from Faire Tundra, and Abound. Please use these links to find our store:

Faire: http://seawitchbotanicals.faire.com/

Tundra: https://www.tundra.com/shop/sea-witch-botanicals/

Abound: https://helloabound.com/retailers/new?brand_referral_id=20319


Assets & Info

  • Looking for company information, printables, and product photos? Find it all in our Stockist Collaboration folder. It's full of useful information to help you make sales.
  • Wondering how your customers will feel about our products? Read our customer reviews.


Haven't applied to become a stockist yet? You can do so here:
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