Sea Witch Botanicals

WARC5059: Midnight Wood Nymph Perfumed Oil


MSRP is $24.95
Earth Element Aligned Made with Essential Oils Certified Vegan
The Wood Nymph is an ancient being riddled with mystery. This beguiling scented oil changes scent on your skin as it calls upon her intrigue and wicked romance. 

Be wary, though, as you may call upon the Wood Nymph to enchant your heart's desire, you may end up entranced by her very essence yourself. 

This scent is like dancing in the woods after midnight; liberate yourself from the ordinary. 

 Apply directly to skin where you want it to linger most. Not for internal consumption.

1 oz dropper bottle - MSRP $24.95


Castor oil, grapeseed oil, essential oil blend (clove, fir needle, patchouli, rosemary) 

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