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WS4VLT6093 Litha Scented Veil: Aromatic Woods & Sensual Spices


MSRP is $28
Fire Element Aligned Made with Essential Oils Certified Vegan

Limited Edition Litha Scented Veil captures the nostalgic heat of midsummer magic with a selection of fine fire woods and sensual spices. Alive with the warmth of the sun and the flickering of flame, this celebratory solstice blend recalls the magic of hot summer nights, the joy of dancing 'round bonfires, and the thrill of skinny dipping in the dark.

More Than Perfume

  • Linen refresher
  • Room spray
  • Meditation mist
  • Bath tonic (add one teaspoon or capful to the tub for an instant spa)

Did you dance around a ritual bonfire and run barefoot through the forest all night or are you just wearing Litha?

One case contains 5 sprays + 1 tester.


witch hazel, water, sandalwood and rose distillates, essential oil blend (pink grapefruit [citrus paradisi], frankincense [boswellia sacra], cinnamon leaf [cinnamomum verum], nutmeg [myristica fragrans], cedar [cedrus], fir [abies], vetiver [chrysopogon zizanioides])* natural alcohol, leucidal (natural preservative) *non-GMO 

MSRP $27

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