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WSPC8453: Green Fairy Artisan Soap


MSRP is $14
Spirit Element Aligned Made with Essential Oils Certified VeganPalm-Free

Two Swiss sisters infused the first batch of absinthe in the 1700s, and it didn’t take long before the beguiling drink took the European art world by storm. Known as The Green Fairy, thanks to the color derived from herbs, absinthe became so popular in Paris by the 19th century that five o’clock became known as l’heure verte, the green hour.

Now you can make any hour The Green Hour with our cold process Green Fairy soap, featuring the intoxicating aroma of star anise. This sweet-smelling and luxurious soap contains a high amount of unsaponified oils that will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft. Careful: If you take it in the shower, you may not want to come out!

Drink it in by working up a luscious lather and smoothing it over your hands, face, or full body. Store your soap in a well-draining dish to enjoy for weeks.  

Approximately 4 ounces - MSRP $14

Ingredients: saponified oils (olive*, coconut*^, castor*), shea butter*^, essential oil (star anise), activated charcoal, clays

*certified organic ^certified fair trade

PLEASE NOTE: Due to supply chain issues, appearance or packaging may be different than pictured

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