We did it! We're moving and want to get you your orders before we pause shipping for a few weeks. 

Coupon Codes:

MOVING250 - Use this coupon on any $250-$499 order for $25 off.

MOVING500Use this coupon on any $500-$749 order for $50 off and free shipping*.

MOVING750Use this coupon on any $750-$999 order for $75 off and free shipping*.

MOVINGMEGAUse this coupon on any $1,000+ for 10% off of your order. We'll add a FREE CASE of Litha Premium Incense ($150 value MSRP) as an early-release gift. We will add your case of Litha to your order, so don't worry about adding it to your cart (it isn't on the site yet).  AND free shipping*.

Apply the coupon above based on your order subtotal. This promotion goes on until midnight 4/23/23. For more details about the promotion, scroll on down. 

*Free shipping in included for Domestic US orders $500 and up. 


Moving Sale!

You get $25 off for every $250 you spend and FREE SHIPPING at $500+! But that's not all...

Early Release Promo:

To top it off, orders over $1k get a free case of Litha premium incense (10 packs, $75 value/$150 MSRP). We just started production of Litha, so it's in short supply until we get back up and running at the end of April. This is an early release promo for Litha and will ship ASAP with your $1k+ order. Litha will be available for all wholesale orders at the end of April.

We want to thank you, endlessly, for your continued support! We have been cramped as a hermit crab looking for a new shell. Well, this bigger shell is going to let us come out with even more excited products and offerings! Stay tuned for more info, and we are so blessed to have you grow with us. <3