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WS4VMB2040 Mabon Scented Veil: Vanilla, Coffee, Bergamot & Spices


MSRP is $28
Earth Element Aligned Made with Essential Oils Certified Vegan

Limited Edition

Mabon Scented Veil embodies the kind of steamy autumnal comforts you'd want to sip from a hot mug on a chilly day. Made with real vanilla, coffee, and bergamot, spiced with nutmeg and clove, and kissed with a cedarwood fog, this cozy blend evokes the best of fall.

More Than Perfume

  • Linen refresher
  • Room spray
  • Meditation mist
  • Bath tonic (add one teaspoon or capful to the tub for an instant spa)
One case contains 5 sprays + 1 tester.


    witch hazel, water, essential oil blend (bergamot [citrus bergamia], vanilla [vanilla planifolia], coffee [coffea canephora], nutmeg [myristica fragrans], clove leaf [syzygium aromaticum], cedarwood atlas [cedrus atlantica]), natural alcohol, leucidal (natural preservative)

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