Why Should I Order My Holiday Stock Ahead of Time?

There's something in the air, can you smell it? It's not our best-selling synthetic-free incense; it's the sweat from frantically searching your store room for it, only to find that the shelves are empty. 

It's only September, but you're already feeling the holiday rush. Not to mention supply chain delays, logistics nightmares, and growing pains (ouch!). As a small business, we're feeling it too. That's why this holiday season, we're guaranteeing all wholesale orders placed by Oct. 21st will be delivered by Nov. 18th. 


Why Order Ahead?

1. Time

Ordering ahead allows you to have control in an otherwise uncertain retail environment. There's nothing worse than running out of stock and being caught in supply-chain limbo with no end in sight, especially during the holiday season. Placing your order now gives you time to plan and execute your POS displays and give your space that extra sparkle.

As we all get closer to the Yuletide season, more last-minute orders are going to pile up! Placing your order ahead of time will ensure that we can support your needs before the throngs of frenzied holiday shoppers reach your store.

2. Better Money Management

Having your product up front means that you will get the most value per sales volume before the post-holiday sale slump. Get the most out of your wholesale purchase by obtaining product early and selling through during peak holiday season. You get your products within enough time to actually make the most of the holiday shopping season. Hurray!

3. Making Good on Expectations

You and your customers love our handmade goods, right? It takes time to craft our incense, perfumes, and soaps, so we want to make sure we meet your expectations so you can support your customers. 

That being said, we might not have everything you need for last-minute rush orders. Putting in your order early will help us ensure that all of your goodies are lovingly crafted and ready to go!

Ordering ahead allows us to give you clear expectations on holiday stock preparation. It gives our team time to prioritize and help make sure that your customers have access to handmade, sustainably packaged, and all-natural home and body products for friends and loved ones.


Small Businesses Supporting Small Businesses!

We are so flattered by all of the love you and our customers send our way. Your support means everything to this small team of scrappy witches, and we want to make sure we are supporting YOU! We know it's tough to plan ahead for stock, but we promise it's worth it, and we appreciate your efforts to help us help you.



The Sea Witches