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Pamper yourself in luxury with our Spa/Beauty curated collection of goodies! Including a lavender & peppermint lip balm, soothing oatmeal & chamomile Frith Body Soap, our premium facial collection of Sirenium Soap, Veritum Toner, and Lucidum oil, plus both of our SuperNatural deodorants to fight that unwanted sweat smell


  • One case of Mint to Be Lip Balm
  • One case of Frith Body Soap
  • One case of Sirenium Facial Soap
  • One case of Veritum Soothing Facial Toner
  • One case of Lucidum Facial Serum
  • One case of Crescent SuperNatural Deodorant
  • One case of Gibbous SuperNatural Deodorant 

44 items total

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