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WSLTOA4667: Oath Lip Tint


MSRP is $128
Made with Fair Trade IngredientsPlastic-Free PackagingCertified Vegan
Sea Witch Botanicals' Lip & Cheek Tints are made of all-natural butters, oils, waxes, and minerals. This endlessly versatile line of smooth, blendable color tints is all vegan and free of mysterious synthetic colorants or fragrances. Use the back of your fingernail to scoop a small, concentrated bit of creme from the tin to apply.

Oath is a rusty, sanguine, blood-orange red tint that works as an all-over color for lips, cheeks and eyes. Take it on the go for an any-time, instantaneous tied-together makeup look in just a few swipes!

Now Double the Size. Double the volume, Less Waste!

1oz tin - MSRP $16 
-1 oz reusable tin contains more than twice the amount in regular lip tubes with no plastic waste!
One case contains 7 tins + 1 tester

Ingredients: Organic Fair Trade Cocoa butter, Avocado oil, Candelilla Wax, Mica and/or Oxide

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