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WSSPLT2019 Litha Solid Perfume


MSRP is $30
Fire Element AlignedMade with Essential OilsCertified Vegan

Limited Edition Litha Solid Perfume captures the nostalgic heat of midsummer magic with a selection of fine fire woods and sensual spices. Alive with the warmth of the sun and the flickering of flame, this celebratory solstice blend recalls the magic of hot summer nights, the joy of dancing 'round bonfires, and the thrill of skinny dipping in the dark.

Did you dance around a ritual bonfire and run barefoot through the forest all night or are you just wearing Litha?

Now double the volume! Litha Solid Perfume is 1 full ounce.

More Volume, Less Waste. 

One case contains 7 perfumes + 1 tester

To Use a Solid Perfume

Scoop a tic-tac sized portion of balm from the tin with the back of your fingernail or a small applicator and massage onto pulse points. 


candelilla wax, coconut oil*, grapeseed oil+, cocoa butter*^, shea butter*^, essential oil blend (benzoin resin [styrax officinalis], camphor [cinnamomum camphora], cedarwood atlas [cedrus atlantica], cinnamon leaf [cinnamomum verum], frankincense [boswelia], lemon [citrus limon], patchouli [pogostemon calbin], rose geranium [pelargonium graveolens], white thyme [thymus vulgaris]) *certified organic ^certified fair trade +certified non-gmo

WS Price $13 per tin  
MSRP $26 

Double the volume. Litha Solid perfume is 1oz 


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